the icy stones

there was a village in a very warm place, nobody have ever see ice or snow. near the village there was an high mountain , so hight that nobody in the nearby ever climbed it. on the top of this mountain there was snow and ice, but nobody knows why the top was so white.

One day an explorer came from far land to the village and put a camp in the nearby. the people from the village were curious and invite him to a dinner. during the dinner the explorer discussed about his many travels through lands and at a certain point he tell that once he had been in a cold country, full of ice. the people then  asked : “what is ice?” the explorer said : “ice, like on the top of your mountain , you know” the people were astonished and said  : ” we don’t know what is on the top of the mountain, nobody ever been there” so the explorer went to his camp and take some ice that he had brought to conserve some food and show it to the people. the people taken the ice in the hands , looked at it, handle it and then one old man asked: “you are for sure a man of great experience , can you explain me how it is possible that water come out from this rocks ?”

if you don’t know something how you can understand it ? similitude, acceptation


this is a real story, the explorer was a friend of mine and the people were pigmy people from Congo. This story is perfect to explain how mind work. You can understand something only if you know something similar, but if you don’t know something similar, like in the case of the perfect truth how you can understand it ? you can not, you can only accept what it is and go on. be inspired