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a man loses his camel

A man was walking on the street with his beautiful camel . arrived near a temple he decided to go inside to pray . some time passes and the camel run out . when the man came out from the temple and saw the camel was gone he became really angry and begin to yell : “you, god , how cruel and unjust you are with your servant ! i abandoned all myself to you in the prayer , i humiliate myself bowing to you & you permit that my beautiful camel run out , how unjust you are !” . a wise man , a master of the path was passing from there , hearing such a speech he stopped & said to the man : ” my dear brother , it is a really good thing to trust in god , but is also a good thing to tie your camel!”


this old story , found in many variances in all mediterranean area, reveal a great limit of humans that is the taking of responsibility for their acts. is not god that came into the temple leaving the camel untie. is not god that commit homicides or project wars & also the consequences of natural disasters , with a careful planning, can be reduced . to the ones that ask “where is god now ?” can be answered “in the same place where he always is , and where were men before and after ?”