they have forbidden us to make hajra . who can forbid a man to move freely on is land ?

it’s a strange title for a first post , isn’t it? you may ask yourself many things ; what is hajra , who forbid it and to who and so on ……

let me explain.

i was just a teenager when my interest for religion begun. interest for all religions, to be clear , & culture , also. I was convinced no one had the truth in the pocket , but many have at least tasted it , maibe just a bit, & the flavour was so good that of that many some decided to make a religion out of this experience.

A religion, for me , was a simple personal interpretation, filtered by the context & the costume , of the truth . or maybe i must write “the Truth”. what’s this Truth ? someone call it god , someone tao , someone call it nous , someone T.O.E (theory of everything) the word is not important , because the words cannot define it at all .

do we need it ? we need a god , a tao , an old guy with a white beard ? in my opinion we strongly need it . a man cannot stand in front of the sun thinking he is the most perfect thing in the whole universe . it is dangerous & in the end is not true . i tend also to suppose that religion is an evolutive mechanism of our mind to prevent our self destruction . it’s not important that god exists , we need only that he behaves as if it exist. funny ? follow me for a moment.

reflect on that : who can stop a man that is convinced to be the ultimate product of nature ? who can stop a man that can say “end of me , end of all” ? who can prevent this man to push the red button ? nobody . only his education & moral attitude . & i think in the end this is the goal of all religions & philosophies . explain us why (while science explain us how) to prevent the end of all the questions. we need to know that we have something above us that is better & more strong than us . we need to know that there is a bad guy we just have to bow to , because we cannot fight him.

but searching in this way the seed that starts all religious & cultural behavior bring only confusion. why to search it if we have a culture or a religion that we learned by our elders or our parents? because, obviously , the culture & religion is filtered by ambient & needs of the population that adopt it . it’s filtered from power & will of powerful people that , believe me, don’t mind to bend good rules into just favorable ones. sometimes the basic rules are so strongly changed that we simply disregard common sense. do we really need a religion that take as a rule that for a good spiritual path you don’t have to reproduce or that you have to make blood sacrifices? you may wonder on which religions i’m referring to . the solution, the natural one , is to change theology considering times or simply abandon the old rules . obviously with the danger that someone come out with a “revival” of the old , obsolete rules (mainly for his advantage) & it’ s a mechanism that the world knows very well ; it’s called fundamentalism .

i think we just need to find the base & begin from it . & the base is this Truth , that we can assume as god to be more simple. this is what i call the hajra . the word derives obviously from the arabic word hajj , that means pilgrimage . but is not an “external” pilgrimage , is an internal one. is not seeking for a place in the universe , is seeking from a place inside us .

someone (powerful & malevolent people, environmental conditions , needs ) forbid us to make this pilgrimage . but in the end , being a pilgrimage of our mind , who can forbid us to do it ? that’s the explanation of the title of this post.

to be clear i was inspired from the searches that zen & sufi islam adepts makes , is that why i call this blog “the zensufi wanderer” .

for much time i collected prayers & aphorisms , essays & stories from various authors & religious sources. sometimes i’ve adapted  them to my thinkings & meditations , practiced them in my life , judging the good or bad from the results . a moment of calm in my life permit me to expose something , with the add of some reasoning coming out directly from my mind.

this blog have probably to be interpreted as “my two cents” on the argument.

ok, too much words.

some friends of mine will just think i’m going nuts. just make them sure of that. a wish:

may your hands work well

may you love all & serve all

may you find the center of your heart


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