where this light come from ?

in a land far from here there was a village where a wise man lived.

An evening the wise man saw a boy bringing a lighted candle out in the street.

he called the boy and asked : “tell me my little friend , where this light come from ?”

the boy blowed on the candle and said : “tell me where it has gone & i’ll tell you where it came from”

nobody knows everything , even a wise man.


this is a really old story that you can find both as a sufi story & as a zen koan. sufi an zen are really different as a background , but really similar in the method . sometimes they also use the same mantras (short phrases they use to count to change their mind-state , we will have the occasion to analyze them).

going back to the story the important thing is the conclusion. even a wise man cannot know everything . this means that , even if it is a recognized authority that say something , you have always to judge things by yourself .

bible is clear on this (there is an entire chapter of qohelet that treat this argument) , & quran also (each rule is submitted to the condition “if it is easy for you”) but the more clear essay on this is in the sutras of bhudda.

how to judge things , in the end ? from their results , obviously.

that must be , i think , the principal rule in my hajra (the spiritual pilgrimage toward truth) .


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