a garden of lotus flowers

the seed rest , for hundred thousand years .

then in mud , the dark smelly mud

it sprout a bud searching for light.

it grows through the waters of knowledge

up against his weight , free of influence.

in the calm waters of his mind

the stem change in a perfect flower.

over the surface , up in the air

the flower bloom to the sun of pure conscience.

this is the world of  men

a garden of lotus flowers

seeking for light


the lotus plant have a really important symbolism in all asia , particularly in bhuddist and hindu religion .

all the plant (except the old leafs ) is edible , it purify the water where it grow and have the property to be always clean thanks to the feature of its surface.

this little yarn describe the growing of a lotus plant in search for the sun (a lotus plant a little humanized). following the oriental symbolism the lotus seed is the heart of man , the light is the pure conscience of god.

each man is a lotus plant that can die in the mud or bloom to the sun .

that depends on the path he choose .


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