a donkey on the road

in a land far from here lived a man and a boy with a donkey.

one day they decided to go to the nearest city to make some business at the market .

they  took the donkey & begun to walk sitting on it. at a certain point they hear a man on the road saying : “oh, poor donkey , how cruel are this boy and this man sitting together on him & oppressing him with all this weight !” so they decided to change, and the boy begin to walk at the side of the donkey , with the man still sitting on it.

but at a certain point they hear a woman saying “oh poor boy, how bad is this man that make him walk while he is comfortably sitting on the donkey!” . so they decide to switch their position.

they don’t walk too much before hearing another man saying ” how bad is this boy , he is comfortably sitting on the donkey while the old man is walking!” . at this point they decide both to walk.

after some time they hear some people saying “how stupid this two persons are, they have a donkey & they walk !”.

finally they arrived to the city , but at soon they walk through the square, all the people in the streets begun to laugh at them ,  because they never saw in their entire life a boy and a man carry a donkey on their shoulders !

if you decide to base your life on what people say , prepare to a difficult life.


we are strange people , we don’t look for the consequences of our acts nor the effective usefulness of them, we tend to care just of social convention or opinions of other peoples. a popular bhuddist sutra says that the form is not different from emptiness & emptiness is not different from form. if we care about form , why we wonder if we obtain emptiness ?


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  1. And remember: always expect to receive an unexpected call.

  2. the gift of wonder is the best gift 😉

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