calm as motionless water ;

no noise in noise , no movement in movement .

thoughts like images on the surface of a mirror ;

they pass without leaving a trace .

no future nor past , only the present moment ;

forgetting all , accepting all .

a quiet , awaken mind in front of light ;

open your heart to infinite truth .


meditation is one pillar of the search. this yarn describes a mind in meditation, simply. in the west we tend to confuse meditation with concentration . the difference between the two is really simple : meditation have no object to focus on. stop your thoughts & leave the world pass in front of you . how to do it ? don’t ask, just do it ! is not important the time of the day or the position you adopt. it is a practice that everyone can perform daily with great benefit for mind and body . social convention and duties hit our brain continuously from the beginning of what we call society . even if you don’t have faith , even if you don’t think is useful , try & judge this practice from the results .


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