a tale of two tigers

in a land far from here there was a man walking in a field . at a certain point he met a tiger. he ran away , chased by the tiger . running and running he finally saw a cliff . holding a vine he swung himself over the edge of the cliff, the tiger looking down sniffing at him . the man was terrified , and looking down he saw another tiger looking up , waiting to catch him . in the meantime he realized that two mice , one black and one white , where gnawing the vine . he saw a beautiful strawberry near him and holding the vine with one hand he plucked the strawberry with the other . it was delicious !

the present moment is where we live in , no time is more important .


this story is so old that probably everybody knows it . anyway it tell some important things. at a first level it tell us that past never come again and future is unpredictable , we have to take the maximum advantage of what we have in the present . at a more deep level the story tell us that we are constantly chased from danger (the tigers) and paired opposites (the mice) make the situation even worst . the solution is to consider our situation as if this two things (dangers and opposites) don’t exists and that simple thought will reveal all the possibilities we have in the present . there is a third more deep level in which the man of the story is the enlightened one  that , finally quieting his mind, is completely avulsed from the cause-effect mechanism and dangers and opposites have no influence on him .


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