selfless service

getting up every day

fulfilling your duties with grace.

doing something for the world

just because you don’t feel like.

you don’t need to punish yourself

and the world don’t need to know what you do.

you don’t need to be a penitent

or a famous holy man sitting on thorns.

no hero have saved this world

no saint has moved mountains and planes.

the ocean is made of little drops

and the sunlight of little rays


selfless service is another pillar of the search and despite of the famous saints & churches is an easy thing to do for everybody . in fact the power of the men is in the number . if each man , every day , make a little good action the world soon will be a good place. many people think that to make a spiritual search you have to abandon all your life and affects & retire from the world . but tell me , what is the contribute to mankind of a person that pass his time just praying , trapped in  a monastery ? what is the contribute of a so called holy man that pass his time begging ? nothing . you just can do your work & your search & do it in manner that results will be good not only for you but also for others. try to help others not caring of what you gain or what you loose . do it just when you have the occasion (& try to find the occasion) . you can contribute with action or if you have no capacity with money , just choose your way to help , the important thing is to help . that is a very important part of the search & for sure the most profitable to the world.


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