a grammar expert in the well

a night , much time ago , a wise man was passing near a well. he heard a voice from the bottom of the well crying : “help , please help me!” the wise man then asked “where are you ?” the voice answered : “i’m a grammar expert , i fell into the well, please save me!” the wise man said “wait for me brother ,  come i will with a rope to save you !” but the grammar expert said “hey, you did a grammar error, you have to correct it!” the wise man answered “well brother, if it is so important , is better that i learn to speak properly before to save you” & the wise man went away.

sometime  we are so distracted from our mind superstructures that we forget the essential


life is a practical thing . theory is very important but , remember, just in order to find solution to practical problems. sometime we are so focus-minded on theory that we forget the important things . also another level of this story tell us about formality and form . in a practical situation form and formality are the first things you have to abandon . the hajra is a practical situation so is better to abandon formality .


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