the man from the desert said three truth

in a land far from here lived a king that wanted to know the truth without searching for it. from his palace he saw coming a man from the desert , dressed like a pilgrim . The king  immediately sent his soldiers to take him under arrest and said : “it seems that you are a wise man . i want to know the truth in therms that i can understand , otherwise you will be killed immediately” the man from the desert said “it is true that there is a tradition here, saying that if i say the truth you are obliged to free me immediately ?” the king said : “if i will not do this my soldiers will immediately kill me, but you have to prove that what you say it is the truth”  the man said : “i will reveal you not one but three truth that are the prove of themselves” the king accepted and the soldiers testified. So the man said : “the first truth is that i was coming from the desert . the second truth is that you accept to release me if i say the truth . the third truth is that you want to know the truth in a form that correspond to your concept of truth” the king was obliged to free him immediately.

you can be the most powerful of all men  but pride , superficiality and aggression can veil the truth to your eyes.


this old story tell us a simple thing : to search truth is not only a matter of intention but also of attitude. how you can reach the best acting in the worst manner ? each action originate a reaction . the nature of the second is directly derived from the first . but more deep this story told us that the truth is rarely what we expect or better what we want, because truth is not joined to our will or desires . truth is what it is , nothing more or nothing less .


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