about the prayer

ask yourself the reason of the prayer,

god is the greatest, king of kings.

god is the only one , oh man,

bow to your lord with reverence.

humility is the first step toward knowledge,

pride is the first step toward violence .

lower your eyes to the lowest point ,

you are in front of your master .

he is the greatest of all being , the highest,

we are the last of the servants , oh brother.

god don’t need help , because of him

you need the greatest help, because of you


many times people think that a prayer is useless just because they don’t really know the real purpose of prayer . God don’t need prayer , but we need. In prayer the man recognizes the greatness of god and humiliate himself recognizing that is powerless in front of the supreme being . that means that the more great king recognize that there is something that have more power than him , something on which he have not control . all the abuse in this world are committed because of pride . if you are prisoner of your ego you think you don’t need masters or teachers , you think you don’t need to learn , you think that is right to decide for others and if others hinder you, you think you have the right to destroy them. in few words you put yourself in the place that is deputed to god . in praying,  you recognize that you are under someone,  and the dimensions of your ego immediately decrease .


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