the teaching pipe

many years ago in a place far from here , a man went to a great master of the path to visit him. he found the master smoking a pipe . to show his knowledge the man said : ” after some study i’ve concluded that the world does not exist , we does not exist , the path does not exist , nothing exist ! the reality does not exist!”. the master was smoking his pipe silently . suddenly he hit the man head with the pipe. the man was really angry for that. the master said: “if nothing exists, where this anger come from ?”

saying that reality is an illusion doesn’t mean that things doesn’t happen.


this old Koan show us how difficult can be the explanation of reality. if you read it with attention , you will notice that the master doesn’t deny the non existence of reality . he just hit (literally) the right spot making the man notice that the origin of all is in our mind . reality exist ? maybe is just an illusion , but we perceive it so for us is real. what is the demonstration that reality is real ? what is the definition of “reality”  & “real”, in the end ?  the answer ? reality is empty of existence , but we perceive it with our mind  that is equivalent on saying  that our mind originate our reality . confused ? every answer about what is real and unreal cannot be expressed completely in words , so must be a confused answer.  but with direct experience you can find the complete answer . And for sure the answer is in your mind. oh yes, i know, too complicate . don’t try to find the answer , try to be inspired.


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