i testify that god is the only one

if you can say a name it is not the real name,

language fall in front of him , mind is not enough.

what is infinite doesn’t have any limit,

what is the highest doesn’t have equals.

he is the great father  that put the seed of existence,

he is the great mother that originates the worlds.

bow to him with respect , he is the only one;

testify that is the only one , nothing exist except him.

call him with many names , but remember the substance;

he is the mystery of all mysteries nobody can define him.

essence , attributes and manifestation , fabric of reality;

from him we came , to him we will return in the end.


this yarn define the last pillar of the path : the testimony that god is the only one. also this yarn try to define some attributes of that we can find, observing from our reality . but immediately there is a warning “language fall in front of him” that means that any definition is partial , not complete so not exact . how to know really what god is? knowing him directly, that means to make hajra complete. another interesting and fundamental point is the phrase “call him with many names , but remember the substance” that means that we call him god just for convenience, we can call him in any manner we want (TAO , T.O.E. , Truth , Brahman etc. etc.), the important thing is to remember the essence of what it is : the base of our reality. just like a fabric where there are drawings , the drawings are just colors, the important thing is the fabric; you can call fabric, tissue , cloth, material or in any manner you want, just remembering what it is.  this yarn is really dense and analyze it can require a lot of time and words , but we will have time for that. oh, yes, i was forgetting another interesting assertion of this yarn : nothing exist but god, literally . reflect on it .


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