a tale of a mountain

in a little village there was a big problem : a mountain made a shadow on all the valley. the sun beams where blocked , the harvest was really bad , the children grew with problems and all the people where more or less hill all the year. many times the people met to talk about the problem , but the only thing on which they all agree was that the mountain must move from there. one day an old man get up and begin to walk toward the mountain with a spoon in his hand . a man asked him “where are you going grandpa?” , the old man answered “i will move the mountain” so the man laugh and said “with just the spoon?” the old man look at him and replied “you know , someone have to begin”.

if you don’t begin to solve the problem, who will do ?


everyone in his life hear about big problems . there are always many experts that teach you how to resolve and very often their solution begin with “if everyone will ….. “, but in the end no one will do what they say , just because no one do it ! i really don’t know if an expert have a good solution or not (very often they are payed to talk, you know) but someone must have the courage to stop talking and begin to solve the problem, even if the solution seems to be incredibly complicate or time wasting . better if you are the one.


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