a tale of a bandit

a wise man was walking in pilgrimage on a path up on the mountains . he met a bandit that pointing at him with his sword said : “give me all you have and i will leave you free and safe” the wise man  open the arms and said “take it!” . the bandit was confused : “what?” he said. the wise man said “i offer you all i have : my life. now leave me free and safe like you said!” the bandit leave the sword and run away crying . some say that after some years he become one of the most renowned saint of this world .

what you can steal from a man that have nothing ?


attachment is a big weakness for human being . not only a weakness in strategical sense , but also in spiritual sense . attachment create a scale of value that is false and , if followed, ruin our life . love , family , religion, culture became not important in comparison to money , possess , power . what is not important is excludable from our life , so the man that think that money and power really are a value have , in the end , to abandon family , love and the other value that make a life livable. what is the solution? to be poor for choice ? no, obviously. the solution is to be not attached to all this material things , even if you have it . if the one that have power don’t exercise it just for power , but for the benefit of the community , that will have the consequences of improve the life of all.  easier said than done , isn’t it ? the bandit of the story imposed his power for himself , making the wrong thing. the wise man just demonstrate him that a selfish power have a limit and is not productive even for the one that detain it .


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