moderation and measure

being on the top of a column you fear who is walking on the ground,

lying down you fear who is  walking on the ground.

walking on the ground you can shake the column or trample the body,

oh, man , how powerful is measure ! how good is moderation !

if you see something bad take its proportions and it became less bad,

be exact in the measure, cautious in the computation , clever in the solution,

measure twice and cut just one , this is the secret of a good work.

too much pleasure make yourself a slave, pleasure passes quick,

too much severity make yourself a prisoner , severities brakes your mind.

even moderation and measure must be taken with moderation and measure.


moderation and measure are two big secrets of a good life. if you search only pleasure you will be deluded because you will never find the bottom of the well . instead if you are ascetic and you impose yourself rules too strict you just mortify yourself . this yarn means that the solution is to be objective in the value we establish in our life. that means to measure well. also this yarn say that each thing must be taken or rejected evaluating our real need of it. that is moderation . but it says also that sometime is good to break the principles of moderation and measure . how much and how often you can break the principle ? oh, well , it is easy to know if you use the same principle you are breaking.


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