the philosopher and the king

one day a great king that conquered a big part of the world heard about a great philosopher , called “the dog” , a master of the path. he went to the city where the philosopher lived and found him on the steps of the temple , taking the last rays of the sunset. he stopped between the philosopher and the sun and said : “i am the great conqueror of the world, you are the philosopher called ‘the dog’ ?” the wise man answered “i am” . the king then said “i heard about your reputation and your thinkings , i want to give you a gift, please , tell me what you want and i will give you , i can do anything in this world” the philosopher looked at him and asked “you can do anything ?” the king replied “what you want”  the philosopher said “move away from there ,you are covering the sun “.

you can be powerful , but you can do nothing for a man that needs nothing .


it seems that this story really happened around 300 b.c. in a city called Corinth , the two characters where the conqueror Alexander the great and the philosopher Diogenes of Sinope . these two men changed really the world and i suggest you to read the biography of both. i erased the names from the story because what is interesting is the example that the philosopher gave us. a man that have measure and moderation needs nothing more than what he have, is independent from all. that means that he can’t fall in the pitfalls of power , like corruption or greed. in fact with moderation and measure he can’t be dishonest and that is also a great protection from criminals that want to take advantage of people , like scammers, for example . i want not to be too long , but the first rule of the scammer is that you can’t fraud a completely honest person. a fraud is based on an undue advantage that the cheated think to have , instead is the cheater that take advantage from him . anyway the lesson is really simple : to be measured and moderate is a protection , not only a moral directive. think about.


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