to believe in god is impossible

logic is a property of finite being,

logic examines finite possibilities.

god is infinite being and therefore is not subject to logic,

men are finite being and therefore are subject to logic.

being a property of finite logic fall facing the infinite,

for finite is impossible to understand infinite.

men are like a circle , a circle enclose and limits,

men are like a circle , a circle expose itself to infinite.

how to solve problem of infinite with logic ? is impossible,

only god in his infinite knowledge can conceive infinite .

remember that to believe in god is impossible,

you can know god or you cannot know god , nothing more.


this yarn explain the relation between god and men . men are finite being that face the infinite being called god . they try to understand god with logic , and they fall obviously in error, because logic is not suitable to examine infinite , but only finite things. the conclusion is that is not logic to believe in god , a fairy tale is more logic than god . for the simple reason that god is not logic. so you can’t believe in god . but you can know him or decide to don’t know him. i’ve decide to know him. what about you ?


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