the master was always happy

many years ago , in a far land lived a man . he was fat and always happy , he had no home nor possession except a bag that he fill up with cakes to give to children .

he was recognized by all as a great master of the path but he refuse to live in a temple nor teach in a school different from the street.

one day a man approach him asking : “oh great master , what is the essence of the path ?”

he dropped his bag without a word

the man asked again : “what is the application of the path ?”

he took the bag again & walked away without a word .

that’s the essential of the path : abandon the world

that’s the application of the path : work for the world


many will recognize this short story as strongly inspired by one of the stories regarding Budai , the famous fat , laughing bhudda (its good that they are public domain stories otherwise i could be charged for plagiarism , by the way) .

many times we hear from mystic that we have to abandon the world to achieve illumination . is the reason why people searching for illumination are fewer and fewer as times passes by. but abandon the world don’t means that we have to be all poor people (even if most of the churches hope to be the humble treasure keeper of the penitent) it means only that we have to erase attachment .

also abandon the world don’t mean that we have to  abandon completely the society we live in (and again there are many people that hope to manage the world being our humble administrators) . we have to have the responsibility of what we do & search to do the best for what we know, despite of what we have , reasoning with simple common sense and putting on the table our contribute.

as usual is not the easiest thing to do.


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