a tale of death

many years ago in a city called Baghdad lived a wise man with his disciple. one day the master had the visit of death . they where good friends , and began to chat . the disciple was curious and , from outside the house , begin to listen them in silence. the wise men asked: “so, my friend, what are you doing here in Bagdad ?” death answered : “as usual i’m here to collect some people for a few days”; hearing that the disciple ask himself if death was come also for him. he was very scared. he thought : “to be sure, i will take the quickest horse i can find, i will be in Samarcand within a week and i will stay there for  some time , so the death will not find me here in Baghdad.” he ran at the market , bought a horse & began his ride to Samarcand . in the meantime death and the wise man were still chatting. death asked : “by the way, where is your disciple?” the wise man replied “somewhere here in Baghdad, going around preaching and meditating” so death said :”i’m surprised to hear he is still in Baghdad, i have to collect him within ten days in Samarcand !”

death will change you, no matter where you will hide.


death is a serious thing . it is the cause of many of our attitudes and behavior , religious belief included. and for sure no one can hide from death. but this story tell also another thing : we are the makers of our fate. if the disciple will not ran from Baghdad death can’t find him in Samarcand. so, in the end , why to be scared from death ? why to live in continuous stress from this thought ? obviously you have not to live with irresponsibility , but you have not to live in fear too. moderation, measure. death is a change , not the end . we will talk about that again .


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