love and hate

there are many kind of hate but just one kind of love,

violence and aggression feed themselves .

the way of the man that hate is self-destruction,

humiliate a man and you will obtain his hate , not his respect.

a mountain of hate fall with just a grain of love,

love is always a gift , for that reason you can not buy it.

love is the real nature of men and god , you can see this in the eyes of a baby,

mother is the primal love , the real example of selfless service.

hate begins with egoism , love begin with compassion,

you will not really know a man if you don’t know what he love and what he hate.


this yarn seems to be just a collection of simple consideration about love and hate. in effect is a little bit more deep of what it seems. if you consider well this is the description of the deep nature of men and god . also say that love is inbred in men and hate is acquired with our superstructures (that a baby don’t have). if we have no property concept nobody can steal; if we have no superiority concept nobody can use violence for just a quarrel and so on. love is explained with selfless service, obviously because love means care about others . hate and love are so deep feelings that they can really reveal the nature of a person.



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