what you see with your eyes ?

try to see god with your eyes ad you will see the world;

the world is the visible speech of god , the proof of the believer;

infinite possibilities , infinite learning , no gift is more abundant.

try to penetrate in the world and you will find the mind;

mind is the world without substance where god is like the sun;

remember , oh believer : sun is not a god but only a symbol !

try to go beyond the mind and you will find no limitations;

where there is no time or space , where the world is far and god is near;

abandon yourself , find your way toward the light!

if you penetrate  in the real nature of things you will find the truth;

god is the real truth, the fabric of reality, we are like grain of sand in the desert;

god is reflected in your heart like the sun in a drop of dew.


this yarn try to explain the distance that is between god and men. men are so occupied in finding a logic in what have no logic that are completely unaware of what is around. they seek in the matter what is in the soul , they confuse symbols with reality , they are so attached to themselves they don’t realize that the solution is inside them. realizing that last thing means to have a good start on the path.


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