heaven and hell

A mighty warrior went to a wise man and asked : “heaven and hell exist ?” the wise man asked “what is your job?” the warrior answered “i’m a warrior” the wise man laugh at him “with that stupid face? i don’t think you can be able to fight!” the warrior became immediately angry and growling put the hand on his sword  saying  “i will kill you!”, the wise man said “that’s hell”; the warrior astonished and understood , then smiled, the wise man said “that’s heaven”.

where to find heaven and hell if not inside you ?


mind perceives reality and , as we have said in another occasion, you can say also that mind creates reality. so inside and outside have no sense in a mystic search . people use to make long trips to go in holy places, but every place is holy , often they don’t understand that they are making with feet a journey of their mind.


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