about learning

learn from earth that move slowly with determination;

learn from water that change her shape with adaptation;

learn from air that penetrate all, moving continuously;

learn from fire that change all with his light and heat.

from everything you can learn , good or bad;

nothing will teach you more than silence.

observe, collect, understand, try;

this are the four tools that makes the work done.

learning make you more suited;

the strongest don’t win , the more suited win.

first thing you have to learn is that you can learn;

god created the world to train the believer .


learning is the most important thing a member of the human race can do for himself . ignorance bring mistrust , suspicion , fear,  hate and then violence . too much like of a drama , isn’t it ? but take a newspaper , look for a fact of violence and analyze it . you will see that al this feeling are present . this yarn tell how to learn : with patience , adaptation , attention. and also;  many times i heard people that misunderstanding Darwin said that the more strong win . that it’s untrue. Darwin said that the more suited win and learning make you more suited.  what if the reason for us to be in this world is just learn ?


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