a tale of the evil one

there was a being , many years ago, called “the king of illusion” or  “the evil one”. his aim was to divert men from the right path and push them toward lies to make their life impossible. one day he was walking with his attendant and they saw a man still and looking up the sky fixed. the attendant asked : “what he’s doing?” the evil one answered “well , it seems that he was meditating and he found a piece of truth” the attendant said “must bee a bad thing for you , oh evil one, that he found a piece of truth!” the evil one replied “not at all ! you know, when a man find a piece of truth he immediately make a belief out of it”.

truth have an explanation in itself , why make it more intricate ?


many belief that we have derives from the perception of a part of the real truth; after this happen that ego, interest , bad or good intents mix the truth with superstition & other things that are not related with truth. try to find the original truth and follow it. often it is a life long work.


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