about death

oh death , origin of all thinkings , origin of all evolutions !

who doesn’t fear you doesn’t evolve , you are the mover.

you are the queen of illusion , the great lier;

without you men will have no mind nor aim.

what can frighten an immortal men or give him a purpose ?

you are the source of all belief and all the fears;

you are the source of all thoughts and research of truth.

oh men , fear of death guided you here , a help from your lord;

but remember that death is illusion acting in the realm of lies, truth is eternal.

walk in a path that drive to infinite need infinitely peaceful heart.


what is the function of death ? why we can not be immortal ? I don’t mean the scientific reasons (they are well known) but the mental and moral mechanism that death create into man . reflect on how much men research and  discover because of their fear of death: they invented book to transmit knowledge through generations ; invented religions and beliefs and philosophies to make people life more good (with alternate fortunes) ; make scientific and social research to improve life quality ; invented music and games to relief from stress and fear ; invented machines to prevent wasting of time and so on. in effect, without the fear of death we cannot be us (bad or good , but us). A kind of “fear” of death is the reason of evolution intended like a search for the most suited individual . is not by chance that the only beings that we can consider “immortal” are the less evolved (bacterias , amoebas and such kind of beings). but reflect on this possibility: death is an illusion, truth have nothing to do with death.


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