all the universe is seeking peace , right in this moment;

all the men are seeking peace even if they don’t realize.

how make violence from peace ? just listen to your ego;

how to make peace from violence ? just listen to your heart.

how to judge about a belief ? if it bring peace is a right belief;

how to know peace ? listen to the breath of a sleeping child.

there where dictators and there will be , but in the end they loose;

violence will fall in front of peace desire , fatally .

fight the unfairness not with violence , but with your desire of peace;

bringing peace in your heart is the first step to bring peace in the world.


many people think that to bring peace you have to pass from war. they confuse order with peace. you can have order in a situation of oppression , we all can testify this just looking at our world. peace is a more spiritual and deep objective. peace begin from inside and expand all around. nobody can contrast the aim to peace if this desire come from inside the deep essence of people, because peace bring also the determination to contrast violence and the desire of peace is enough to contrast it. in a sense all the universe is searching for peace, because all the universe move in one direction.


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