tale of a strong master

many years ago lived a wise man that was famous for his strength. the king of the realm where he lived went to him and ask “what you can do with your strength ?” the wise man answered “i can lift a feather with one hand and i can brake a dry leaf with two fingers” the king was surprised “i can fight with a bull and win, and i can lift a stone big like me! how it is possible that you are so renowned for your strength ?” the wise man replied “you know, it is not about how much strength i have , but about how i use it”.

to have strength is good , but is the manner you use it that it’s important .


many peoples think that the solution of all the problem is to have more of something . more strength, more informations , more speed and so on. the only thing that they don’t want is what they need more : an open mind. many times you have the solution of your problem in front of you , you just have to look at the problem from a different perspective.


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