time passes and we always are losers in front of him.

empires fall and towers crumble into powder.

don’t fear time , oh man , it teaches you patience;

fear time, oh man , it burns your body into powder.

time is a change of your perspective of the universe;

space is a change of universe perspective of you.

the substance of all is truth , no time or space;

the mind need time and space because don’t know truth.

born, grow , decline , change that’s the nature of time;

time is impermanence , the nature of the illusion.

everything passes , even time will come to an end.


time is an absolute concept difficult to define. this yarn define time and space as changes of perspectives . one is the perspective of microcosm  (man) toward the macrocosm (universe) the other is the exact contrary . we live in time because we are ignorant ; we are like a man that see an object from different directions and distances, and don’t realize that each time he change position the object remains always the same, so he think it is a different one each time he see it. this change of perspective is a lie , an illusion that change continuously called “impermanence” (because simply is not permanent). knowing the truth stop this continuous change. in the moment of the acquisition of the knowledge time and space have no more reason of existence. from time we have two important  lessons: the first one is  patience , because you can not manipulate time, no matter what you do and you have to wait for it. the second lesson is the fact that our body (our shape) is not permanent, we are in the same situation of all the other big and small part of the universe.


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