a tale of a cup

years ago there was a king that decided to make a party. to entertain his guests he decide to invite also a wise man from the desert. they had a really good party, and at the end , in front of all his guests, the king called the wise man that was sitting in an edge for all the evening a little dazed from confusion and richness of the party. the king said “my guest , this evening this man amused us with his nonconformism , i want to make him a gift! oh man from the desert, ask for want you want and i will give you” the wise man then asked “are you sure you can give me all i want?” the king replied “sure i am! you see, i am the more powerful king of all the world!” the wise man take out a little bowl and said “well , i will go after you will have filled this bowl” the guests and the king laughed. the king ordered to fill the bowl with some cooked rice , but soon he  realize that no matter how much rice he can put in, the bowl was not filled. the rice finished and the king began to put in the bowl other food , then jewels , coins , and in the end all his palace was threw in the cup with no results . the king began to throw in everything he can find in his realm and , at the end he had nothing more to throw in. he was now more poor than the wise man from the desert . the king said “you won , i can not fill the bowl. but before i go begging tell me the secret of this bowl , please!” the wise man replied “oh, it is so simple! i made it with ego, no matter what or how much you give it, you can not satisfy it!”

no matter what you can buy or obtain, if you are a slave of you ego, your ego will ask for more.


many people don’t know what is ego. ego is a primordial part of the mind that is deputed to the research of power and advantage . is his only function, and if can not overcome it you can only be , as word say, egoistic or selfish. i think you can name several persons with this feature, especially in high social position . the reality of facts is that we can not live just by us self , because we need help in life , for example as a children, and if you have the illusion to don’t need help now  you will need it , be sure of that . so first is better to give . overcome your ego is the first step.


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