on doubt

beware of the man who has no doubt;

who tell you to don’t ask is preparing a trap.

dictators are always certain  of their way;

the excuse of  certainty  enchain entire populations.

ask always why if you don’t know the reason;

don’t accept just for faith , search the reason why.

knowledge arise from  inquiring;

inquiring arise from doubt.

for all things that happen there is a reason;

knowing the reason for a thing means expand your conscience.


doubt is a great gift we have . permit us to know the reason for each thing that happen & so we can evolve . doubt is the father of science , without it we can not have knowledge . even if you do a spiritual search that is because you have doubt, otherwise why to make it?  many people try to convince you that doubt is a bad thing. bad politicians , bad priests, bad people of power have the greatest enemy in the doubts of people that sustain them . empires can fall for a doubt .


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