love and wisdom

open your heart and make its light shine;

make your presence visible and invisible if necessary;

don’t permit that sickness , fear and abuse win;

don’t enchain but make your embrace warm;

exceeds all difficulties without asking for a compensation;

work , hope, study like your life will have no end;

project , organize , and clear up like your life will end today;

don’t fear to apologize if you made an error.

if you do all this for god you are a wise person;

if you do all this for people you are a love person.


love and wisdom seems to be so different things, but in effect the only difference is the direction where all the actions aim. in the end, if you think that god is everywhere you think also that god is even inside people. so love and wisdom are the same thing , we differentiate them just for ease. look for the behavior of a wise man and a lover , you will see that there is no difference.


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