story of a smile

in a land far away lived a beautiful princess . she was so beautiful that everyone , when she passed in the street, turned to look at her. one day she passed near a guy that was heating a piece of brad as his lunch. the guy remained so surprised of the beauty of the princess that the bread fall from his hands. the princess smiled at him and walked away. the guy fell desperately in love. he stop eating and sleeping and each day he went around crying his love for the princess and yelling around. the princess was disturbed by that and the guards decide to kill the guy to protect her. the guy preached the guards to made him talk just one time with the princess. they led him to her and he said “oh my love, i will die innocent, but before i want to know the truth, why you smiled at me that day you passed in the streets?” the princess replied “i was smiling seeing how silly you looked with that dazed face and for no other reason”.

our mind is the greatest creator of illusions


it happens often that we have problems just because we convince us self of a thing that is not true. if a fact happens each person that assisted will describe it in a different manner and with different particulars. is not easy to judge what we call “reality” with just our mind. well, reality is continuously mutating and our mind receive continuously mutating informations. we have to conclude that what we call “objective data” are simply a more shared “subjective data”. the solution ? there is no solution except to conclude that “reality” is a shared lie & to try finding the truth. yes, i know it is strange, but just reflect on that.


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