a dog and a donkey

after many years of study, a man discover the key to understand the language of the animals. one day he was walking and passed near a dog and a donkey. the dog were saying “how boring are your talk about hay and grass! i wanted to talk about meat and bones!” the man interjected “you see, there is a relation between the two things, meat and bones have the same function of hay and grass!” . immediately the two animals formed a coalition against the man , and while the dog barked and growled toward the man , the donkey give him a good kick.

may god protect you from trying to solve problems that no one want to solve.


many times a problem seems so simple to solve that a person of god will try to solve it. it is natural . you will not believe that, but is also natural that this man will find him in contrast with the people that just a minute before complained about this problem. people unite when exist a collective problem. sometime they create problem just to unite. we need others even if we don’t admit that. sometime we need an excuse to do something.


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