each man have questions on himself and his role;

to answer is more easy than to accept the answer.

many people will offer you a very interesting answer;

but the value of an answer  is in its truth, not in its niceness.

the splendor of cloth, ceremony and words are intriguing;

a very good thing to avoid giving you a real answer.

who give you something new destabilize your habit;

fear of changes derive from fear of ourselves.

little men need men to guide them, wise men need god to guide them ;

when god will need someone to carry his words, he will tell .


the legend say that prophets are always blind, unfortunately we live in a world full of prophets that can see very well. they hide their inadequacy with high-sounding words, complicate ceremony , rituals. all this smoke in our eyes make us forget the question we were asking. many people live in this limbo with a false joy hiding important answer and question. you can take example from a wise man, not be commanded by him; that’s the principal role of a wise man . if a wise man give you command he is not what is telling you.


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