tie up the cat

many years ago a wise man and his disciple were meditating. the cat of the house , in the meantime, wanted to have some fun with rats or whatever seems to be fun for a cat. the result was that the animal made so much noise that the two man were disturbed in their meditation. the next time the wise men decided to tie up the cat during meditation, so the little animal cannot disturb with his noises. after some years the cat died and another cat came in the house , the wise man and the disciple didn’t loose the habit to tie up the cat during the meditation. after some time the wise man died and his disciple succeeded him taking another disciple. they continued to tie up the cat of the house during the meditation. this story went on for many many years and after a century or so a real intelligent man wrote a beautiful treatise on the mystical, secret and inestimable value of the act of tying up a cat during the meditation.

thinking to the simplest reason of things will destroy lies , rituals, secrets and the unnecessary .


people tend to complicate things for many reasons. to justify their work, to maintain status quo, to hide the real reason and so on. many times a ritual is just an empty action used to puff smoke in the eyes of simple people. in the same manner secrets give you power , but they are always trivial if revealed. lies divert intentions and unnecessary make confusion . in fact lies , rituals, secrets and the unnecessary are the weapons of who want some advantage from people. keep eyes and ears open and your feet on the ground and nobody can harm you.


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  1. Great article, just what I wanted to find.

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