a cup of tea

a famous professor wanted to integrate his culture with some mystical studies, so he went to a wise man and asked to study the path with him. the wise man served him a tea and in the meantime the professor begin to talk of how much he already learned about the path in theory . the wise man was pouring the tea inside a cup and when the cup was full he kept on pouring , eventually the tea begin to overflow. so the professor said “my friend, it is impossible to make this cup more full” the wise man replied “in the same way it is impossible to me to teach you the path if your mind is full of notions”.

if you decide to study the path, forget all you have learned and begin again to learn.


the path is a particular way of living , so it needs a particular way on learning. if you decide to follow a mystical path what to have to do is empty your mind and full it during the path, simply taking what you learn for what it is , without complicating it with what you learned before.


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