do your best

if you decide to do a thing do it in the best way;

run or walk but in any case don’t stagger.

project carefully what you have to do;

collect all the data then put them in order.

purify the field of your action before to begin;

discard all the useless, keep all the usable.

keep yourself in concentration;

keep always the target clear in your mind.

do what you do putting in your best energy;

don’t renounce just because you think you can not do it.


this yarn describe how to do a good work. it is just that : good aim, good project , good data, good concentration, good effort. if you think carefully you can notice how much things (projects, business, etc.) have failed just because one of this points were not enough well studied. no matter how big is the aim, everyone can achieve his goal, believe me. and also to follow all this points is the only manner to achieve real satisfaction from an act. think about it.


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