i wanted air

many years ago there was a great master of the path that lived on the bank of a river. a man came to him and said “i thought that can be useful for me to know god and i want to try to study with you, can you help me?” quickly the master take him for the hair and put his head under the water. the man tried to free himself but the master was too strong. then the master suddenly let him go. the man was shocked . the master asked “when you were under the water , what you wanted more than anything?” the man answered “air, just air” the master replied “if you want to know god go home and return only when you want god as much as you wanted air”.

if hajra is not a necessity it is not a real hajra.


the search for god is a pilgrimage toward the center of  your heart, that is called a hajra. you have to take it with humor  (like is good to do with every serious thing) , but also you have to realize that is not an hobby, a thing that you can decide to do or not just to pass time. a real hajra is performed because you strongly need it, not for other reasons. too serious this time, isn’t it? just be inspired.


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