Monthly Archives: November 2012

a little banana tree

in order to exercise my patience , and maybe the one of my wife, i’ve decided to grow a plant. it is a little japanese banana tree (musa basjoo). i choose a japanese banana tree because can resist to winter , it is not so big and my favorite poet take his name from this tree. in fact his nickname was Bashoo, meaning banana tree. he was a japanese zen monk and a poet , probably the most representative poet of haiku style. haiku is a poetical composition typical of  zen, formed by just three verses of five, seven and five syllables. here a haiku that Bashoo composed in 1686:

furu ike ya /

kawazu tobikomu /

mizu no oto


an ancient pond /

a frog jumps in /

the splash of water


and here my banana tree



to rise from the ground/

it’s an important , hard thing./

moisture is precious.