story of a cane grower

in a land far from here lived a cane grower . he was so proud of his long canes and he decided to come to the city with one of them to make some advertising for his commerce, he was sure that the people , seeing how long and resistant was the cane, immediately would have placed some orders. at the door of the city he was forced to stop his travel, because the cane he have was too long to pass vertically nor horizontally from the arch of the door. he thought about it for a while then he find a good solution. he cut the long cane in the middle, so it can pass through the door of the city. that day the people placed no orders, because they thought the two canes he was carrying were too short to be good.

sometime the simplest solution is hidden in your mind.


it is strange but every time i tell this story to people most of them ask me what’s the point. seems that they don’t know that a cane can pass from a door also through it and not only vertically or horizontally. but if we can not manage the three dimension we live each day , how it is possible to know god, something that is beyond our daily perception ? just reflect on it.


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