searching for god’s will

who knows god’s will ?

no one except for god himself.

men goes around in search of him;

and the search is without an answer.

how to know god’s will ?

search for god inside your heart.

men go on the mountains to find good meditation;

the only meditation they find is the one they have in the hearts.

men go around the universe to find the holy place;

and the whole universe is full of the presence of god.


this yarn says a important thing: we have more inside us than outside us if we are in search for god. temples, holy places , particular spaces are the manifestation of an inner aim, they don’t have a value per se. the hajra is always a inner pilgrimage , even if you decide to give it a physical manifestation. people sometimes have the idea that to search for spiritual matters you have to be a penitent or a monk closed in a monastery, this is a big error. is a thing that churches don’t say, but wise men of all the ages find god in every places, from the purest monastery to the worst brothel (and i’m not kidding) . if the whole universe is full of the presence of god , what place is most holy than the whole universe ?


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