each men have a different perception of reality;

their body and their education change it drastically.

if all the world is populated of blind people,

how you can explain to the people the color red ?

men try to explain the unexplainable with symbols,

if this is possible , that is not the unexplainable.

symbols can explain what you can percept;

what is the meaning of a word that nobody understand?

it is not possible to explain unexplainable;

it is possible to know the unexplainable.


there is many organization that pretend to possess the explanation of  the essence of god or the inner secret of life or something that is unexplainable. generally they use symbols to do this. no matter how complicate is a symbol, that claim is obviously a contradiction. if it is unexplainable you can not explain. but a symbol can put you in a fog that confuse you.  as usual this yarn express a simple principle, the principle to stay with feet on the ground . just reflect on it.


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