defeating the evil one

one day the evil one was walking around with his attendant. after having travelled for all the world and more the attendant said to him: “dear master, it seems that your influence in this universe is great, you go around diverting the minds of men and no one can defeat you” the evil one said “you know, some wise men really are able to defeat me” the attendant exclaimed “they must be really strong to defeat the king of illusion!” the evil one said “no, actually to defeat me you need only the strength to blow a sand grain. the problem for the men is that when they search me i always hide in a place that is the more difficult for them to look in” the attendant asked “where?” the evil one replied “inside themselves”.

first thing to do is looking inside and purify yourself from ego, than the way will be as easy as blowing a grain of sand .


“the evil one” it is obviously a figure that simplify some concepts . first of all the concept of ego. as i said in another place ego is the part of ourselves that have the only aim to take advantage and power despite of other people. if you follow your ego you will be diverted by the right way , in the sense that ego want to be “the only one” within people, and with time people will leave you alone as your ego want. believe me, no one can live without the help of no one. the “way” is not selfish behavior .   also because the only result of selfishness is self destruction. have you ever analyzed the fall of a dictator ? is the most pitiful thing in this world. no past glory can balance it. how to purify yourself from ego? looking deep inside you and correcting the selfish part of yourself. not easy. it means to recognize that your personal interests are less important than you expect.


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