Israel and Palestine

after some time i come again writing of a bad argument.

the war between Israel and Palestine begun before i was born, and probably will not end before i will die.  after more or less 60 years of discontinuous war the reasons are no more the principal point , in my opinion. another point that is no more preeminent is the use , proved or not, of non conventional weaponry, just because is ingenuous to think that fair play is a rule in that kind of situation.

what i think is the point to scan is the attitude of the contenders and the results. the attitude is an aim for destruction and the result is destruction.

maybe i’m too naive saying that if the majority want war the result is war and that revenge bring revenge eternally.

i think to resolve this conflict the only useful thing is to change the attitude of people involved.

how to? good question. i don’t know. if i had a good and easy solution probably i will be a politician.

maybe we have to reset all. condone injury and forget how to make them.

now a little inspiration:


make the light visible to the eyes of men ;

make peace, love and truth be your principles.

make the light flood from you heart;

make peace, love and truth be your perspectives.



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