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the girl in the tower

long time ago lived a man that was really poor . he was so poor that was difficult for him to find something to eat every day. one day he was walking on the bank of a river and saw a little package floating on the water. he took the package and opening it he notice inside was some almond paste. he was really happy and he ate it. the next day he was again on the bank of the river and saw again a little package floating. it was again some almond paste good to eat . so the third day and the next again. at a certain point he decided to find the place where the almond paste came to thank who was giving this delicious cake to him. so he followed the river to the source and find a high tower, from the top window he saw a little package falling down. he went to the tower and knocked the door. to the man that answered he asked who lived at the top of the tower; the man said that his daughter lived in the top room and called for her. the girl came and the man said: ” you saved my life with the delicious almond cakes that you throw from the tower , i’m here to thank you for your kindness” the girl answered “i really don’t know what are you saying, i just throw from the tower the wastes from my daily make up!”.

what is trash for someone can be life for another one.


this is an old sufi tale that have a sense more deep that we can expect. the principal sense of this story is that everything in the universe is interconnected. the lowest thing is joined to the highest like, in this story, the waste is connected to the life of a man. but more important is the fact that is the joint that make the meaning of the joined things. in other words things are empty and is the joint that they have with other things that make them be what they are. be inspired.