the master drawing circles

A philosopher was drawing circles with a compass. A man asked him what he was doing, the philosopher answered : “i’m thinking about god and man”. the man replied “it seems to me that you are simply drawing circles”. the philosopher said “cover the circle with some pebbles and maybe you can enclose all the pebbles in one hand. but how much pebbles you need to cover the universe around the circle? nobody can calculate and they  cannot be all enclosed in your hands. Circle is like man, hands like the mind, and the universe is like god”

infinite is infinite, pointless to calculate.


this little story tell us ,with a gimmick, the relation between man, mind  and god. we can not understand god just with mind, we need something that goes beyond this. god is perfect and our mind is not, how can we understand the perfection if our instruments are not suitable to do this?  in effect we have an instrument that is perfect and is the light that we have inside, what a zensufi call “heart”. That is the reason why we do the hajra, the pilgrimage toward the heart: to know the truth, that we can also call god, tao , brahman or the name you prefer to use.


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