meditations on the tetraktys – I – four levels of reality


always the first question of a wanderer

it is “where am i?” here is the answer,

the body lay in the center of the four direction,

that are the basement of the tower,

where each thing born, grow, decline and dies;

above is the hall of the mind,

where the ideas aggregate , crystallize and disrupt;

near the sky you can exist or not and nothing more ,

is the hall of the soul where you essence float.

on top of all is the great mystery,

whose secret no mind can disclose.


in this yarn the tetrad is considered to be a tower. in fact if we use the tetraktys to analyze reality, we can see its general image as divided in four parts one on the top of the other .  the first part is the lower one an it represent the physical part of reality , the second one is the mental part, the third one is the animic part and the top is represented by the essence of all, that you can call with many names as we said several times .  each of the four parts follow its own set of rules that we will analyze in the next yarns. for now we can say that this is the general view of our reality , just a taste of a different perspective, searching to order the chaos.

be inspired.


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