meditations on the tetraktys – II – the rule of time


here time rule on the matter.

the wheel turn and change from sun to moon;

everything here born and grow, decline and die.

in a continuous circle the shape disappear;

but the substance remain unchanged.

a river is a river but you can not cross it twice;

the four elements play a roundaround ,

and you will get old without notice.

here the body is strong just for some time;

here everything will turn to dust and change;

the impermanence prevents perfection.


this yarn describe the general feature of the first level of the tetraktys, the level related to the physical form of the universe. this yarn say just what we know very well: in the physical world is time that rule. Everything change in a continuous seek for perfection, but perfection always run before we can catch it. this phenomenon is called impermanence. it is also the origin of our lack of satisfaction. because everything change and what we obtain is no longer what we wanted just a second after. it is like a wheel that turn continuously without changing direction. what we can do about that ? absolutely nothing. we can not resolve this problem. but a problem that cannot be resolved can be used in a good way, for example living our limited time in this form in the best way. which way is the best way to live our time? i don’t know, each one have his/her way. that is an interesting problem to solve. just make sure to don’t waste your time.

be inspired.


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